Robot Waiters And Kitchen Staff

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Articles
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Some Chinese restaurants are using robots as waiters and some as kitchen staff, to perform simple jobs. Using robots cuts the restaurant owners’ expenses since they lower the amount of real staff they need by as much as 2/3rds. The robots can’t do a lot of complicated things, but scientists in Norway did design a robot that can extract breast fillets from chickens which is a more difficult task. Pretty cool!

We also know that some people are coming out with cars that are driven automatically. This way, people don’t really have to pay attention while you’re going to wherever you’re going, but we don’t think we would trust a robot to drive us. While delivering food to a table isn’t something a robot/computer could easily kill you with, if a computer is driving you somewhere, we feel there is a high probability they would too easily crash and kill you, or at least seriously injure you. We wouldn’t trust a robot with that task. To us, it’s too much control to give to a machine programmed by some human. Unfortunately, they’ll probably just make regular cars so expensive to own and drive that we’ll all have to use driverless cars. Let’s hope not!

Still, the robot restaurant employees are pretty amazing. Just maybe not to the humans they will be replacing.

Source: Restaurants in China roll out robot waiters and kitchen staff

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