Pool Company Owner Punished for Hiring Illegals

Posted: January 3, 2015 in Articles

In Gaithersburg, MD, a pool company hired three illegal aliens who were not licensed to work in the US. The same company also hired nine more illegals who were authorized for work at the time they were hired, but whose authorizations expired afterwards, yet they continued working.

Raymond Vincent, the owner of the company, knew all of this. He also paid three employees in cash in order to keep them off the company’s books and rented a company apartment to at least three of the non-citizens.

All of the above somehow became known, and the government proceeded to punish Vincent. They made him pay fines, sent him to jail for two days, and applied a variety of other punishments.

While we do think illegals shouldn’t be allowed to work in this country and should be deported, we think it’s odd that the government punishes people who hire them. We think it’s odd because it’s the government that is bringing the illegals in. We think the government should stop bringing in “migrant workers” before they punish people for hiring them. After that, if anybody still hires them, then yes, they should be punished, and the illegals should be deported.

Another small example of how this country does everything a** backwards. Also, if this man went to jail, shouldn’t some of our government officials have to go to jail? How are they not just as guilty as the lowly pool company owner? We don’t know. After all, we are no one.

Source: http://www.gazette.net/article/20141231/NEWS/150109860/1080/gaithersburg-man-sentenced-to-two-days-in-prison-for-hiring&template=gazette

  1. The government gives illegals welfare money and provides them with medical care and sends their children to school, all on our tax dollar, so it really is themselves they should punish as you said.

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