New Year’s Egg Prices

Posted: January 3, 2015 in Articles

Regulations on eggs in California took effect January 1st 2015. In 2008, the Humane Society spent 10 million dollars on a campaign in California to ban the sale of eggs from chickens kept in tiny cages called “battery cages”; this was known as Proposition 2. Battery cages hold the chickens that produce 90% of the eggs in this country. California voters were convinced to vote for Proposition 2 because battery cages were cruel, and because they increase salmonella in eggs.

California just put regulations in effect yesterday that will make farmers have bigger cages for their chickens. For eggs imported from other states, California has said that they too must follow their regulations. Though there are more details, we’ll just give you the link to the article. We’ll then give you the end result; the prices of eggs will go up significantly.

While we don’t like cruel treatment of animals, we don’t think this is necessary. We really believe that when people are informed, they will “vote with their dollar”. We don’t know of a single person who would say, “Well, who cares if it’s cruel. If it gives us cheap eggs, do it.” We believe the majority of people in this country, if given a choice, would purchase eggs produced from healthy chickens who have been treated humanely. Just look at the growth of organic and non-GMO foods. Our local grocery store has really changed in just the past year because people are buying what they believe are healthier foods. No one had to make a regulation forcing the grocery store to stop selling unhealthy food. They just are because people are not buying them as much.

If the Humane Society would inform the public, tell them what’s happening and how the animals are raised, the bad farmers would eventually go out of business. The people wouldn’t support the inhumane raising of any animal, and if they knew which eggs came from which farmers, they wouldn’t buy the ones that came from farmers who don’t raise their chickens well. That will force the bad farmers to change the way they operate.

At least that’s the way things look through our eyes.

Source: Coming Egg Shortage Will Tax Family Budgets

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