Fired For Goodness

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Articles
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In 2006, a police officer was fired for “jumping on another cop’s back and/or hitting him”.

The officer who supposedly attacked denied the charge because it wasn’t what really happened.

What happened was that another police officer named Gregory Kwiatkowski had a suspect handcuffed inside a house, but was actually punching the suspect in the face. This is when the fired officer named Cariol Horne along with other officers took the suspect out of the house. Once outside, though, the suspect was again attacked by Kwiatkowski, who this time started choking him. At this point, Horne was of the opinion that Kwiatkowski was out of control, so she removed Kwiatkowski’s arm from the suspect, whereupon Kwiatkowski punched Horne in the face. She was again injured while she was dragged away after trying to defend herself.

Officer Horne was fired, while Kwiatkowski was kept in the force, and she is now having to fight for her pension. (Kwiatkowski eventually did get fired after choking another officer.)

So why are we writing about this?

We think Officer Horne was brave when she dared to try and stop an abusive police officer who was out of control. We think that if more good cops stepped up and spoke out about bad cops, perhaps the bad ones could be removed from the police force.

We think there are good cops and there are bad cops. We don’t think the police should ever deny when a cop goes overboard, loses control, or is just a bad person. We also don’t think people should despise all policemen because some do what is wrong. Bad cops shouldn’t give all cops a bad name, just like good cops shouldn’t give all cops a good name.

They’re human and they make mistakes, so when they’re found to be guilty, they should be held accountable. They’re not perfect, so when they make mistakes, they need to be punished… just like other people.

The thing about all the riots going on is that we think if bad policemen were fired and prosecuted, it would go a long way to calm people down. For instance, how were the policemen who beat Kelly Thomas to death not found guilty? But we also think that if the rioters wouldn’t hold all policemen guilty for the actions of a few, that that would go a long way towards improvements in the police force.

We know a few policemen and we like them. We’ve never seen them in action, that’s true; although, one of them has repeatedly offered to take one or more of us with him while he is on duty. In fact, our dad went with him a while ago. Our policemen friends are all good people. They are always extremely helpful and we wouldn’t want anything wrong done to them.

We wish people would use their brains more.

Source: Cop Stops Fellow Cop From Choking a Handcufffed Man, She Was Then Beaten And Fired

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