Christmas Gifts

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As you may know, yesterday was Christmas! We did all the secular stuff, but we also played and sang some hymns and read our Bibles. We then went on a hike at Catoctin Mountain, and we were a bit disturbed by the number of cars on the road. When our parents were growing up, there were hardly any. I guess we weren’t exactly helping, though…

Aside from that, we exchanged gifts, and Dink and I are now equipped with two more weapons; Dink received a PSE crossbow, and I got a Bear compound bow. I was also given my own KJV Bible, a board game, and a few other little things, all of which were very nice.

We’ve shot our weapons a lot already, and they’re both great. Unfortunately, I lost one of my arrows, and another one has a loose fletching. The latter is not too hard to fix, but the former, well, that may be gone forever.

In any case, we hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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