Worms and Wet Tunnels

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Articles
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Sitting in a car, we were talking about worms and fishing, and about fishing with bloodworms and nightcrawlers. While on the subject of worms, we moved on to talking about digging worms for the chickens and then about petting chickens. We then swiftly went back to the subject of bloodworms, nightcrawlers, and earthworms.

We were wondering if there is an actual difference between them all, or if they were just different names for the same creature (for instance, groundhogs and woodchucks are the same thing). We know that nightcrawlers are generally really big, but couldn’t they have just gotten a big earthworm? Does anyone have any idea if there’s any difference or if bloodworm, nightcrawler, and earthworm are all technically the same?

Not the last of our random thoughts, though….

A lot of drives we do involve going through a long tunnel. This tunnel is almost 2 miles long, and one rainy night we noticed something. What did we notice?

As I said, it was rainy, so the roads were wet. Obviously, the beginning of the tunnel would be wet because people’s tires would track in water, but as the tunnel progresses, we would expect that it would dry out after a while, since the tires would run out of water to track in. We noticed, however, that the road through the tunnel was wet all the way through. It wasn’t just damp. It was visibly, puddly wet.

We just don’t understand how a 2 mile long tunnel can stay wet all the way through. Sure, there’s a lot of cars, and it’s rainy outside, but it seems like in the very middle, it would be dry. But no, wet all the way through it was.

Just another Friday evening… 🙂

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