Surely We Can Do Chicken Farming Better Than This

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Articles

Today, after we cleaned up our chicken coop and fed our chickens, we were commenting on the one thing we wish we could do more.

We wish we could cuddle with our chickens more. Yes, that sounds weird, but our chickens are not very cuddly but we like them, so we want to hold them and pet them more.

This brings us to a video we saw recently which was very sad. While we’ve heard of unsanitary chicken farms, we’ve never actually seen one, but we know that they generally have thousands of chickens shut up in a building where they can’t eat any insects, worms, seeds, or green vegetation, their natural diet.

We heard about these horrible places, but we didn’t know the extent of the bad conditions those chickens are raised in. For one thing, with no natural food, the meat that we eat from them can’t be all that healthy. Also, the chickens are genetically modified so that they grow huge in a short amount of time. Being genetically modified gives the chickens various problems with at least their hearts, lungs, and legs.

In addition, the overall condition of the chickens’ living space is pretty horrendous. They aren’t allowed sunlight or fresh air, and the floor of their building isn’t cleaned often, sometimes not for years.

We have six chickens and if we miss one day of cleaning their coop, we feel bad. We like to keep their coop very clean with fresh pine shavings, so we can’t imagine how disgusting a chicken house would be if thousands of chickens were in one while the floor was never cleaned.

Inhumanely raised chickens. That’s something we don’t like, and something we might protest if there was a protest around us. Like we’ve said before, we think people might want to consider protesting horrible living conditions rather than the act of eating meat.

You can watch the video and judge for yourself, but I think we can all agree that this particular farm isn’t humane and things like this should be changed.

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