What’s Good For The Goose…

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Articles
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is apparently not good for the gander.

A store in Kentucky specializes in printing t-shirts and its owner happens to be a Christian. In 2012, he got an order from homosexuals for a gay pride t-shirt. They were planning to use them for a gay pride event, but the owner of the store refused the order because it went against his faith. He is now being prosecuted for discrimination.

We just read an article that said another Christian man asked several gay bakeries to make him a pro-traditional wedding cake. All of the bakeries refused, some of them rather violently (not a surprise there). Needless to say, these bakeries are not being prosecuted for discrimination.

So why aren’t they being prosecuted? They participated in discrimination against a man who just wanted a pro-traditional wedding cake. But that is the gay bakeries’ right; they can refuse to promote an idea contrary to their belief, just like it’s the t-shirt company’s right to refuse to make gay pride shirts.

In America, people traditionally weren’t forced to promote things that violated their conscience. Therefore, a Christian t-shirt company owner shouldn’t be forced to make gay pride t-shirts for gays, just like gays shouldn’t be forced to promote Christian values.

What hypocrites, though. The gay bakeries are run by people who are so weak that they would force their will on others while others must bow to them. What is good for the goose is not good for the gander if it means prosecuting someone for discrimination.

Source: US Government Punishes Christian Business For Refusing To Make Homosexual T-Shirt, All Employees Will Now Have To Go Through Re-Education Training (TYRANNY IS HERE)


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