Please Don’t Try To Be Considerate

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Articles

roadWell, normally you should, but if you’re on the road and not very intelligent, it’s better to just drive.

When we go to pick Dink up from work, we have to take a left turn off of a two-lane road and we have to cross a two-lane road.

For some reason, at this turn, people in the left lane coming in the opposite direction like to stop and do us a favor, waving us on.

Unfortunately, for some reason, these same people seem to forget that they are not the only drivers on the road going in the same direction as themselves.

As we wait for both lanes to become safe to cross, the “kind” person gets increasingly impatient, waving with their hands and looking at us as if we are stupid for not understanding that they are kind and generous people trying to do us a favor.

Today, another woman was at it, waving at my mother to “go! go!” My mother was trying to hand signal to her that cars were streaming past her in the other lane and so therefore, she couldn’t go.

At last, the woman drove past in a huff and raised her shoulders as she went by as if to say, “I tried to help you. What else can I do?”

What in the world is wrong with these people?

If you are a relatively new driver, never trust anyone trying to wave you on. If we trusted people at this particular spot every time they tried to wave us on, we would have had numerous accidents by now.

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