Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yes, it does. It most certainly does.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we were talking about how it would be another year before it happened again. That brought to my mind the saying, “Christmas comes but once a year!”, except I had replaced “Christmas” with “Thanksgiving.” Then it occurred to me that Thanksgiving comes but once a year, just like Christmas. So why don’t people say “Thanksgiving comes but once a year” instead of “Christmas comes but once a year”?

While both statements are true, I’m not sure why the inventor of the phrase made it Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. I guess at the time he said it, it was Christmastime, but if you think about it, you could say that about any holiday. It’s true; Easter and Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day etc. all come but once a year.

Heck, every day in the whole year comes but once a year.

These are the random thoughts we have when not working at school or much anything else….

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