Thera – A Very Powerful Volcano!

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Articles
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In my article about the Minotaur, I was in the time period of the Minoans, approximately around 1720 BC. However, the Minoan civilization was driven out after my article ended. They probably weren’t driven out by outside invaders, but rather by the eruption of a nearby volcano, Thera.

Thera was an island and also happened to be an active volcano that was inhabited by some very unfortunate people. When it erupted, a lot of ash from the volcano floated over to Crete and ruined at least a season’s harvest. In addition, evidence shows that the eruption caused a tsunami which probably reached the Cretan shore when still quite high.

So obviously, the volcano was quite violent when it erupted, which brings me to what I’m actually supposed to be writing about – a caldera. The definition of a caldera is “a large crater formed by volcanic explosion or by collapse of a volcanic cone.” Since volcanoes we hear about are generally on land, it usually just results in a crater in the ground. Thera, though, was in the sea and this makes things a bit different. When it finally erupted (it had been threatening to for years), it did indeed form a caldera, but since it wasn’t on land, it looked a little different. Water from the sea poured in to the crater and when the whole thing was over, Thera didn’t look like a round island anymore; it had a large sea in the middle of it, with a kind of a ring around it. It turned the island inside out in a manner of speaking.

Anyway, just a bit of after-Thanksgiving information that I actually found rather awesome. I hope it helps you digest the food from yesterday 😀

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