Yawn. They’re Burning Things Again.

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Articles
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It would be difficult to not know about the troubles in Ferguson. Of course, yesterday we found out that the police officer who shot and killed the unarmed black youth named Michael Brown, would not be indicted. Protesters in the St. Louis area as well as all over the nation, were hoping that Darren Wilson would be charged with a crime. When that didn’t happen, the rioting and looting began.

Think about it. These people are protesting the fact that an “innocent” black man was brutally shot dead by a policeman. But how do they protest that? They riot, loot, burn buildings, and commit acts of violence against innocent people. To protest the unjust death of a man, they commit unjust violence against others themselves. They do exactly what they’re supposed to be protesting against. Seems a little off, doesn’t it?

It definitely is off; this is not the way to get respect from people and without respect, who is going to listen to your message? If there is a real problem, the only right thing to do is to continue educating and continue fighting for what you believe. But hurting others and destroying other people’s property who have nothing to do with anything is wrong.

How in the world does burning businesses down, smashing cars, and stealing merchandise mean anything besides what is really is, which is a group of people who have no respect for anything and think it’s a party to destroy life and property.

Yawn. These people are ignorant.

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