It’s Not Food; It’s Violence!

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Articles

At a large grocery store, lots of people were gathered, mourning the death of . . . animals. “In memory of a life lost” is how the video of the protest began.

The activists were all holding signs that said, “It’s not food. It’s violence!”

The man who seemed to be the leader of the group took a small whole chicken from the meat refrigerator and placed it in a coffin. He followed this with a speech telling the “true story.” He said that the animals had “rich, emotional lives, filled with desire, curiosity, pain, and sorrow.” He further stated that “when institutions like this (emphasis, then dramatic pause) try to sell their stolen lives as happy, or humane, they are silencing the “terrored” screams that accompanied their deaths. They were telling the story of a “beautiful life that could have been lived but was violently ended.”

His speech basically over, other people continued making their statements as workers from the store were telling them that they had to leave. That done, the group paraded around the store as the leader repeated a series of statements, mainly, “It’s not food. It’s violence.” The workers did finally succeed in kicking them out of the store.

We could say a lot about these types of protests, which are probably going to become annoyingly common. We’ll limit our comments to, “Yes, actually, it is food”, leave other people alone who may not believe what you believe, and, perhaps you would be more successful if you argued for the humane treatment of animals while being raised and butchered. That is something everyone most likely can agree upon.

Do these people know that chickens mercilessly slurp up earthworms, gobble up slugs, and spear crickets with their beaks? Our chickens also ran around the yard over the summer with a toad, tormenting it literally to death. They didn’t even eat it (thank goodness since that would have been bad for the chickens). They just pecked at it and when it was dead, they just left it there. What about that? Don’t those chickens know that “It’s not food. It’s violence” ?

Anyway, to us, this protest is pretty stupid, but if you’d like to watch an official video, this is our source:

We don’t know. Maybe it is a joke video.

  1. Cynthia says:

    I agree with you that food choices are individuals’ decisions . The practices of Big Ag farming, how they raise and kill the animals is tortuous and heart rending. That is another issue but somewhat related….I think it’s disgusting to subject any living creature to those conditions, regardless of what we may think their sensitivity or intelligence levels may be

    • “practices of Big Ag farming, how they raise and kill the animals is tortuous and heart rending….I think it’s disgusting to subject any living creature to those conditions…”

      Agree with you 100%.

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