The Skyscraper at SKYPLEX

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Articles
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For a long time, we’ve gone to Hershey Park every year that we could because a lot of people in our family like roller coasters. Hershey Park is a pretty good amusement park; it’s clean and fairly close to us. Anyway, since some of us like this kind of thing, we were excited that a new roller coaster at SKYPLEX in Orlando, Florida, is being made. It is called the Skyscraper, and it is set to be the tallest roller coaster in the world when it is completed in 2017.

They have the track design, and using 3D graphics they can create what it will look like on the ride. There are actually videos of what it will be like to ride it. We think anything like this is really fun to watch, but that may just be us. If you want to see what the ride is, here is a video of the track design:

Since it is in Florida, we probably won’t go specifically to ride this, but you never know 😉

  1. Jeff says:

    I saw this on Facebook. It looks wicked awesome!!

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