Locust Wood, Hardwood Indeed!

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Articles

Most everyone in the US knows that we just had a cold spell. Well, it’s been pretty cold where we live too and looking at our wood supply for the winter, we thought we’d better get some more. That’s exactly what we did for many hours yesterday.

Our dad got onto Craigslist and found a person who had had a large tree felled and whoever wanted to help clear the tree out could have the wood for free. Our dad got in touch with the person and off we went to cut and haul some wood.

The tree wound up being a locust tree and locust wood is very nice to have because it is dense and burns for a long time. The rounds were huge – about four feet in diameter and around a foot tall, sometimes more.

The neighborhood we went to looked pretty nice, and as we drove through it, we noticed that there were a lot of Jews who looked as if they were pretty serious. The streets where the houses were were a bit narrow, so we had a hard time backing into the driveway with our big vehicle. We got in, though, and started the process of splitting the wood.

The rounds were too large to split with just an ax or splitting maul, in addition to the fact that locust wood is extremely hard wood, so we put a metal wedge in the middle of it and drove the wedge in, forming a crack down the middle. Once the piece was fully split down the middle, we split the halves in half, again using the wedge. Driving the wedges was really hard work, and it took a while to get them completely in the round. Occasionally, there was a big knot in the wood and our dad had to use a chainsaw. In any case, with three of us working (I was mainly hauling the wood to our vehicle), it went pretty quickly. After two trips, we were done getting what we needed from the huge locust tree.

Now our situation is a bit better, but we still need more wood, though we probably won’t be going back to the locust (yes, there is still more wood there). We’ll find more wood somewhere else. Anyway, we did’t actually know what a locust tree looks like, so I looked it up, but there are lots of types of locust trees. This is a picture of a black locust, and I assume most other locusts look fairly similar.

Working outside is so much funner than working inside. I dropped my math homework as soon as my dad asked me if I wanted to come and help 🙂

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