I Got New Shoes!

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Articles
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Well, it’s time again for my annual pair of shoes. I grew out of my old shoes, and my feet were cramped. Therefore, we went on an eventful shopping trip this evening, in which I mainly bought….  shoes.

My old shoes were pretty worn, and the right one actually had a small hole burned in it; on one night whilst camping, a still burning ash fell on my shoe and burned through. In any case, the main reason I got new shoes is that I grew out of my old pair, not because they were too wrecked up to wear any longer.

These are my old shoes, which I really liked; they were made by Asics:

Surprisingly, while my old shoes were a size 8, the shoes I ended up getting were a size 10. I suppose my feet have grown significantly since I last bought shoes. Anyway, my new shoes are made by Nike and are running shoes, in my usual fashion. They’re really nice, and I like them a lot. They also, of course, look better than my last shoes. These are my new shoes:

If you really like hearing about people’s new shoes, Dink also wrote about his new shoes here.

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