What Are They Afraid Of?

Posted: November 12, 2014 in Articles
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Chase Windebank, a Christian senior at Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been meeting for three years with other Christians at his school during their free time. During their meetings, they discuss their faith, pray, and sing together. Recently, however, the assistant principal of the school banned these meetings, telling the students it violated the “separation of church and state.” He further said that these meetings could only happen before or after school hours.

Chase Windebank is doing the right thing. He is not going to just comply and in fact is being helped by attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom to sue the school to insist that his First Amendment rights be recognized. The First Amendment very clearly protects religious speech. The case isn’t over yet, but Windebank and his attorneys are certainly in the right and should win the case.

It’s rather important to know that the free time during which the Christians meet is something the school calls “Seminar”. Seminar allows students of “adequate grade” 40 minutes of free time. They are allowed to freely move around the school’s public areas, text, get food, visit with teachers, talk with other students, and schedule official or school club meetings. The only thing Windebank and his friends are not allowed to do, however, is discuss their Christian faith.

So what’s the school scared of? The students were never disruptive. They just meet together to spend their free time as they wish. What are the school administrators so afraid of?

In any case, we hope Windebank wins his lawsuit against the school. If you want to read the article, it’s here.

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