Caprina by Canus Soap Review

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Reviews
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Recently, the Goat’s Milk Soap company, Canus, underwent some changes. The company was originally held by two men, one in Vermont and one in Canada. The man in Canada recently bought out the company and below are some clarifications on any changes you may see.

So – now that the company is owned by the Canadian, there are two lines of products: one is all-natural as approved by the NPA, the agency that declares products all-natural or not, and the non-all-natural items.

The all-natural products are called “Nature by Canus” and the non-all-natural products are called “Caprina by Canus”. As far as the soaps go, the main difference between Nature and Caprina is that the Nature soap is a vegetable oil base while Caprina is an animal fat (tallow) base.

All of the goat’s milk soap made in the USA used to be triple-milled which made the soap really hard and smooth and long lasting. Now, none of it is triple-milled. Also, everything is now made in Canada.

Comparing the new Caprina soap to the old Vermont soap, the old soap had a thinner lather while the Caprina soap lathers up really thick and smooth, which I actually like. It doesn’t take much soap to cover your hands with the lather, so one bar of soap will last a pretty long time. The fragrance that we have is just their original scent and it is really nice, but they also have different scents like lavender and shea.

Unlike some soaps, this has fresh goat’s milk in it. It has never been frozen. Goat’s milk has been recognized as a natural moisturizer, so this soap doesn’t dry out your hands; in fact, it leaves them rather moisturized. Anyway, I really like this soap and on a scale from one to ten, I would rate it a 10. Some in our family like the old soap better, though, and would rate the Caprina more like a 6.

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