Happy Halloween 2014!

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Articles

Well, the first thing to say is Happy Halloween! As usual, we waited until today to get pumpkins but thankfully the third place we checked had some pretty nice ones, and we picked up two. Then, before we were even done carving them, our neighbors with their very young child dressed as Elmo came over; it was still light outside!

On our drive out to the stores, we took some pictures of people’s decorations. Some were nice and mild, with just some pumpkins and maybe a few cobwebs, but there was one house that went all out. They had things covering their whole front yard, which admittedly wasn’t that big, but still they had a lot of decorations out.

We like a few simple happy pumpkins and don’t really get into the zombies, ghosts, tombstones, etc. That’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?

I’m thirteen now and too old to go trick or treating, so I stayed home and handed out candy to the disappointingly small number of kids who came to our house. In years past, I remember that sometimes I would go up to a door and have it answered by a kid just my age, and that would make my feel pretty stupid. So I was wondering if I had the same effect on the kids who came tonight. Sadly, I don’t think it had much effect on them; they probably didn’t give it too much thought.

So anyway, if you do anything on Halloween, we hope you had a good time. To explain why Dink is dressed in a Power Ranger costume, someone at his work brought costumes for all and that was the one he got 😉

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