History, Simply a Cause and Effect Story

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Articles

No event in history is isolated. At any time present events are influenced by what came before, and likewise will color what will come to pass in the future. Generally, the greater the occasion or event, the bigger the ripple effect will be.

For instance, in 500 B.C. the Persians marched into the Mediterranean and invaded the Greek world. The Greeks put aside their bickering and banded together to fight off the outside threat and the Persian War began. The war was fought in a series of battles and two separate mainland invasions under two different Persian kings, first Darius and then Xerxes. The Greeks emerged victorious in the years 449 and 448 B.C.. Although the Persian War receives little mention in Persian documents, the war had long lasting effects that influenced the Peloponnesian War and the subsequent takeover by Alexander the Great and the Macedonians.

Today, there are so many events happening in our country and sometimes their potential effects are scary to contemplate. What kind of country will John and I and our peers be living in 40 years from now, supposing we make it that far?

In the end, history is simply a cause and effect story. The actions taken now will determine the future of our country and help to shape all of our lives. Good people must put aside their bickering and band together now to fight off the threat within our country because if not, evil will emerge victorious, if only temporarily. And temporarily it will be.

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