Who Are You Going To Obey?

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Articles
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Key Chain From Mark

Recently, our sister was involved in a car accident. No one was hurt, but her car was damaged. Our father took it to a car shop in our town and he met the shop owner who happens to be a firm believer. His name is Mark and he is also pretty smart.

He works on cars, and we decided we like him a lot. It’s not that we know him personally, but he did something really cool a while ago (which is not the only reason we like him).

Mark was asked awhile ago to speak at the town’s elementary school for Career Day. The weird thing about the school’s request was that they said he couldn’t mention Jesus. The school didn’t even know he was a Christian, but that was one of their requirements. Mark agreed to speak at Career Day, but every day before it, he prayed that if he was supposed to speak about Jesus, that God would show him how.

Nothing came to him until the time that he walked through the school door. It was then that he remembered a truck that he had once restored for a man. The truck was pretty much completely destroyed but he did his best and in the end, it was good as new. The man had a special request for him. Since the truck was pretty much dead and Mark had restored it, the man wanted the name “Lazarus” painted on the back of it. For those of you who don’t know who Lazarus was, he was a man whom Jesus raised from the dead.

Anyway, the car mechanic remembered this just as he walked through the door of the elementary school. He spent most of the time talking about his job, but towards the end, he started talking about this truck that he had fixed. The kids were fascinated, as they liked hearing him talk about his job, but of course none of them knew who Lazarus was. So, Mark explained who he was, and he talked about Jesus for a while. While Mark was speaking, he could see parents and teachers getting fidgety and angry, but it’s not as if they could stop him since he was technically talking about his job.

We think this guy is pretty cool and hope to see him around so we can all get to know him better. Maybe we’ll invite him for dinner sometime.

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