NOW Foods Vitamin C And NOW Foods Coconut Oil Pill Review

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Reviews
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On a radio show that we listen to a lot and like as well as trust, we heard that vitamin C crystals were more effective than vitamin C in pill form. We forgot the reason why since we often just remember the bottom line so for those of you who want to know why, sorry to annoy you.

Since vitamin C is essential for your immune system to work well, we like to have a lot of it in our pantry and since your body can absorb vitamin C crystals better, we thought we may as well add crystal vitamin C to our arsenal. Several members of our family have indicated that they have much more energy and feel great since taking this supplement.

Vitamin C, as you may know, is very sour. If you put a generous amount (1 tsp) in 8 oz of water, mix it around, and then drink it, it’s like drinking pure lemon juice – no water and no sugar. Of course, some people don’t mind this, but if you’re not very tolerant to sourness, you’d have to drink it in something other than water. On a scale from one to ten, I would rate it a 9 and Dink would rate it a 10.

We wound up getting out vitamin C from the company NOW Foods. We saw that they also sell virgin coconut oil pills and since our father likes to have coconut oil for his brain we went ahead and purchased these. He doesn’t get near the amount he was getting when eating it by the spoonful, but he’s okay with that as this is much more pleasant for him. We all take this supplement in varying degrees, some for our brains, some for our skin, and us because it’s laying around (just kidding). On a scale from one to ten, it has been given a 10.

One another thing, if you like to purchase things on, you might want to start considering purchasing your food items, supplements, teas, and anything else where you need the real deal and fresh too,  from the actual manufacturers, trusted distributors, or an actual brick and mortar store. You are more likely to get a fresh product and one that will be backed to your satisfaction. We have always used, but lately, some of the sellers have been more than a disappointment. It’s easy, but it’s not always best. Having said that, is where we purchase these two products currently.

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