It’s Just A Little Thing

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Articles
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…or is it?

We mentioned that a couple of days ago, a few of us went to Red Lobster to get their Endless Shrimp special. We don’t watch TV, but we do use the internet and this particular advertisement has been seen by all of us many, many times.

We were finishing up our supper, when the waitress suggested that we could all order one of the linguine dishes included in the special right before we left and then she would bring us containers to bring home with us. She said, “You may as well get your money’s worth.”

This has happened to us in the past so we thought we’d make a small comment on it.

The waitress was very nice and perhaps her intentions were good; however, she was trying to be generous with someone else’s money (whoever owns the Red Lobster). The special surely is not intended for people to get as much as they want to eat for dinner and then also get enough to eat for their lunches the following day.

Americans have got to get a grip on being a moral people once again. Some people may roll their eyes and think it’s just a little thing. To us, it is everything. It is everything to practice integrity in every single part of our lives as much as we can because let’s face it, we oftentimes fail and we don’t even know it.

Stay healthy everyone and enjoy your day of rest.

  1. Cynthia says:

    I agree with you. Integrity goes a long way and everyone benefits in the end.

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