If There Weren’t Any Bad People, A Lot Of Companies Would Be Out Of Business

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

We hear ads on the radio and see ads on websites and see/hear ads in many other places. It occurred to us that a lot of products out there actually just help defend people against bad people. We’d say that at least over 50% of ads on certain websites and radio stations just advertise defense things.

Locks, alarm systems, identity theft companies, mace/pepper spray, surveillance cameras, handguns, and fake tvs are just some of the protection products on the market today.

That means that without bad people, a lot of companies would actually be out of business. Some companies make all of their money off of bad people – so I guess you could say that they are useful and serve a pretty good purpose in a way. But of course, we’re kidding. It’s more than a bit sad that so many products are designed to keep evil people from affecting us.

Anyway, this was just a small thought we had. Everyone have a great weekend!

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