Who Wants To Go To Greenland?

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

For some reason, I have always wanted to visit Greenland. It’s rather odd but it is something I’ve always wanted to do even though I know next to nothing about it. For this reason, I wanted to research it and see what it’s like.

Greenland might not be a very pleasant place to live, because it is dark most of the year. The official language of Greenland is Greenlandic, but some people also speak Danish. The people are 89% Greenlandic Inuit and 11% English. What was a little surprising was that Denmark owns Greenland. It used to just be a colony, but now is on an equal level with Danish citizens.

The air in Greenland is extremely dry and so even though Greenland has an Arctic climate, it does not feel as cold. It’s interesting that this dry air is also responsible for allowing people to see further. The warmest summer temperature is 50ºF – 68ºF depending on where you are.

The population of Greenland is around 57,000 which is mostly concentrated along the coast as you may have surmised. Fishing, hunting, agriculture, and industry are how the people of Greenland survive. Their main religion is Christianity.

So there’s some information for you, in case you’re like me and have always wanted to go to Greenland. It’s just a tiny start but there’s quite a lot of information and beautiful photos on the internet. If we were even going to be serious about visiting, we would have to do a whole lot of research before traveling there since the climate and land is so extreme.

It looks very beautiful, but just like a picturesque old farmhouse, it might be better to fantasize about it from a distance.

Greenland (1)

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