Segway Tours In The City

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Articles

SegwayYoIn Philadelphia, there are plenty of touristy areas, so naturally people offer tours. We wrote an article which spoke a little bit about this.

There are several options when looking for a guided tour in Philadelphia: horse and buggy tours, buses including buses shaped like boats with ducks painted on them, tour boats, and, of course . . . there are the segway tours.

Oh yes. Affirmative. On these tours, a leader on a segway rides around with other people on segways following them. The leader talks through what I think is something like walky-talkies to the people behind him about whatever place, historical or otherwise, they are passing.

I don’t think too much of the segway tours. If you travel to Philadelphia, and if you absolutely must take a guided tour, then don’t, for you own good, take the segway tour. Trust me, it may be a little bit fun, but is it fun enough to have everybody look at you and say, “Oh man, do they look stupid!”? At least, we think people that take the segway tours look stupid riding along in a neat line.

So here’s the point – you can either look almost normal in a horse-drawn buggy, a bus, or a boat, or you can look stupid riding a segway. But that’s just what I think and I’m just a kid.

by John

  1. Libby says:

    I really fancy having a go on a segway, they look fun but they haven’t really taken off that much over here. I agree a segway tour does sound a bit naff though!

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