We Have No Leaders (Where Are The Adults?)

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Articles
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Every American child potentially has a miserable life awaiting them.

Disease (yes, even ebola if our government can manage to get it here), joblessness, a ball & chain about our ankles.

Where are the people who are supposed to be watching out for us? Why are the adults acting like children waiting to be told what to do?

We see our generation as getting totally screwed by the imbeciles running things in our country. We see them as inept, greedy, idle, and so wealthy that they really do not understand what it is to be a normal, good, working American citizen.

Today, while driving through the city, we saw a lot more beggars on the street than usual. Some were white, some were black, but all of their signs included some of these words “God”, “mother”, “children”, “veteran”, and “God bless”. Why bring that up? We don’t know. It’s sad to see people begging on the street corners. We’ve never seen anyone give any of them any money. Do we blame them? No, not really. But the extent to which the American people can look past certain problems and just hope that they go away is getting very annoying.

If ebola gets here, if bombs go off here, if there are no jobs for the majority of people here – will Americans be able to look past the dead bodies, just stepping over them, and continue on their way?

It is so painfully obvious how much people need a leader. Where are the adults in this country who are supposed to be watching out for the next generation? They are gone we guess. They have too much to do. They feel embarrassed and don’t want to draw attention to themselves. They’re at Home Depot or Walmart.

We hope life is just going to be able to continue to go along like always. If something does happen, though, we are wondering how the American public is going to fare. We personally are staying close to our God because only He can save us. We are also gearing up to be the best we can be in whatever ways we think of.

The name of the game is survival.

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