Plastic Egg Carton Review

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Reviews
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Recently, we ran out of the cardboard egg cartons from the store to put our fresh eggs in. We had given away some eggs in some of the cartons and the rest were just plain old worn out. For awhile we were using bowls but since we like having a system in place to know which eggs are the oldest and having multiple large bowls in the fridge took up too much space, we looked for and found two types of plastic egg cartons online which we wanted to buy.

Plastic egg cartons are good because since the plastic is hard, you can stack things on top of them. One of the egg cartons we purchased is made by InterDesign. It is made from BPA-free clear plastic and holds 21 eggs, which fits perfectly in the door. The other container we purchased is made by Lock & Lock and only holds 12 eggs. The InterDesign carton has a semi-worthless top as it is not held down by anything and the Lock & Lock top is just a little much. All four sides lock down on your eggs. It definitely won’t come open by mistake and is good for traveling with.

Overall, these cartons are just what we wanted and we are pleased with our purchases. Both cartons are able to handle jumbo size eggs easily as well. If you get duck-sized eggs, you might possibly have a problem locking the top of the Lock & Lock carton, but other than that you shouldn’t have a problem.

On a scale from one to ten, we’d rate both of them a ten. To buy the 21 egg container, click here. To buy the 12 egg container, click here.

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