Growing Vegetables – In the City

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Yard and Garden
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While visiting our old haunt in Philadelphia this past weekend, we noticed a new interest amongst the city folk. They were growing vegetables wherever they could get enough dirt to support a plant or two or more. Most of the vegetables were in window boxes but we did see a raised bed or two, and one tomato plant was in the spot where they usually grow trees. In fact, this creative city dweller cut the tree to about 6 feet tall in order to support his very tall tomato plant. One Italian restaurant had a lot of window boxes and a few raised beds here and there where they grew mostly basil, but also some sage, dill, oregano, cayenne peppers, and a couple of tomato plants.

Anyway, we thought it was funny that they were growing vegetables in the city, but it just goes to show you that where there is a will, there is a way. We were also wondering if they would be able to harvest anything or if people walking by would discretely take some of the harvest. We also wonder how healthy the plants could be in the city since the air and sunlight aren’t always very good.

Actually, most of the plants looked a little sick except for the tall tomato plant I am standing next to. The owner of this plant clearly feeds and waters it. The one thing we noticed about all the tomato plants was that there were only 1-3 tomatoes per plant and they were still quite small and green.

We do hope everyone who planted vegetables gets something before cooler weather hits and the plants, particularly the tomatoes and peppers, call it quits. In any case, it’s exciting to see people wanting to grow their own vegetables no matter where they live. If we still lived in the city, we are pretty sure that we would be inspired by these efforts to try to garden out of our window too.

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