Unethical Ethics Professors

Posted: September 7, 2014 in Articles

Our sister took a college ethics course this past summer. She still does not have the grade for her mid-term, which means she does not have her grade for her final and she also doesn’t have her final grade for the course.

She isn’t too concerned. She didn’t enjoy the class very much because she couldn’t understand the point of all the ridiculous questions. For instance, one question on her final was:

What 3 things would you do if you were the opposite sex for one week? Answer from an ethical viewpoint.

She was so angry about this stupid question that she wrote what she really thought. Perhaps this will not bode well for her; we shall see.

Our mother said the ethics teacher at her all girls high school was fired when he had an affair with one of the students.

It’s interesting to us that these two professors of ethics have/had no sense of ethics. One hasn’t had the decency to even grade his assignments from a course which ended at the beginning of August and the other, well his lack of moral principles is a bit more obvious.

It is sickening that our sister had to pay $550.00 to get disgusted by the professor doing such a poor job. The course could have been really great.

By the way, if you know what the professor was getting at by his question regarding being the opposite sex for one week, please let us know. We really do not understand.

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