Do You Think This Would Work?

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Articles

Yesterday at work was slow. Every once in a while a customer would pull into the parking lot, but for the most part, it was monotonous. Usually we have one person on the counter in such situations, and I was the person on the counter in this instance. As I stood there, it came to me how blind people naturally develop sharper hearing (this thought didn’t come to me out of the blue; I think I was having a discussion earlier with my fellow workers).

So I was thinking that since blind people develop sharp hearing, maybe deaf people develop sharper sight. I don’t think this is true, but for a while I even thought I had figured out a way to gain better eyesight. All you had to do was to plug up your ears for a couple years and when you finally took out the earplugs, you’d have improved vision. Unfortunately, I don’t think this would work, but it would be great if it did. Of course, you would have to sacrifice several years of hearing in order to improve your vision, but maybe it would be worth it if contacts and glasses hadn’t been invented yet. What do you think?

by Dink

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