S-s-s-Scary Storm…

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Articles
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DSCF2205Yesterday was a rainy day. It started out relatively sunny but became pretty cloudy by the afternoon. Even though it was quite cloudy most of the day, it only started raining at around 4:30 but stopped almost immediately, whereupon it was sunny again.

Then, the clouds came back and this time they looked very menacing. The wind picked up and strong gusts chased even our chickens to their coop. Fast moving clouds swirling in tight circles literally made you stop breathing momentarily and keep looking up to see if anything worse was going to happen.

What did happen was a lot of very hard rain for the rest of the evening.

The forces of nature can be very frightening. When we were at the beach, there were strong currents. We cautiously enjoyed the ocean, but were always aware of how far out we were and what the current was doing. It doesn’t really feel very good to be powerless against something so strong like a major storm or a rip tide. Anyway, we are grateful we didn’t have a tornado yesterday and we are grateful no one was pulled into the ocean on our vacation.

Be safe everyone.


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