Mr. Gas Station Closes on Sundays!

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Articles
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IMG_0649When our parents were growing up, everything closed up on Sundays. All department and drug stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. Sunday would actually be a day of rest then, because all things would close. That way, no one could really do anything, not that they wanted to. People went to church and then had their mid-day meal usually at church or with family at home, and then ….. nothing. A day of rest.

Then one day, one store stated that they would be open on Sunday. Our parents said that it came as a shock to everyone. “What?!? They’re going to open on Sunday!?” Then one by one, other stores decided that they wanted to make money on Sundays as well so they opened on Sunday. Soon everyone became used to it.

Well, we’ve always been able to go to a grocery store or buy gas on Sundays, but recently, a gas station in our town put up a sign saying that they would close on Sunday. They said that they thought the employees should have a day of rest and should be able to worship if they wanted. It’s kind of funny. It’s now the opposite; it’s surprising that they’ll be closed on Sundays. It’s not that we care. They’re just doing the right thing as Sunday should be a day of rest. Because they put up that sign, they might actually get more business. We’ve decided that whenever we can, we’ll only buy gas from them.

With any luck, more people will start closing on Sunday!

  1. Libby says:

    I quite agree.When I was a child everything closed on Sunday, but now it just another day.

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