We’re Back, Again!

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Articles
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We just came back from our beach trip yesterday, which means the trip was only about 5 days and that did seem a little short but as usual, we still had a great time. Sometimes when we stay for a whole week, it can actually feel a little too long. We were very sad to leave this time because Friday was such a beautiful day, but most of all, because we had had such a great time. What would we do without trips to the beach?

Basically what we do during our time at the beach is get up when we want to, sometimes go for an early morning bike ride, come back for a little something to eat, get dressed and packed up for the beach (food, towels, sunblock, etc), and set out on our bikes to the beach. We stay until everyone has had enough of the ocean and the sun, or until we run out of food and people are hungry. Then we ride back. We stay at a place that has a convenient swimming pool, so when we get back we spend a couple of hours or so in the pool. By that time, it’s usually pretty late, so we go back to the house, shower, eat, and watch TV. TV is a treat at the beach since we don’t watch it at home. There actually isn’t anything very interesting on it. We watched a little bit of tennis, baseball, and football and some old Andy Griffith re-runs, honestly only because our parents wanted to.

The bike trails at this beach are very scenic, and I always take a lot of pictures both on the trails and at the beach. Another picture, one that I usually don’t get to take, was of a frog who decided to spend the night stuck to the door of our house. It was a little hard for the camera to focus on him because it was really dark, but you can still see him (he looks a little orange but he was actually green). We also took a picture of an A-frame house because Dink and I have never seen before.

The beach we go to is Chincoteague/Assateague (Assateague is the island where the actual beach is) in Virginia, and we stay at the vacation homes provided by Dove Winds. There is a bike rental business across the street in case you do not have one of your own to bring with you. We always rent a cart to pull behind a bike and we put our cooler with drinks, chairs, umbrella, and beach bag into it. Our dad and Niles were the pullers this year. Anyway, our family has used Dove Winds for about 20 years, and it’s always great. If you ever want to try a new beach, Assateague is a great beach, and if you go there, Dove Winds is the best place to stay 🙂

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