Shennong, The Farmer King

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Articles
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In ancient China, legend tells of three great kings: Fu Xi, Shennong, and Huangdi. Fu Xi created the Eight Trigrams, “a pattern of straight and broken lines used for record keeping, divination, and interpretation of events.” Shennong, the Farmer King, made the first plow and taught the Chinese people to farm. He taught them to find the good soil and to grow grains to keep them alive, to thresh the grain, and to distinguish poisonous herbs from good ones. Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor, expanded China’s territories.

To us, Shennong is the best king of these three. Many nations, these days and years ago, have leaders who are pretty useless as far as being a person who can actually do anything goes – they don’t have any skills such as farming or carpentry for instance. They just talk a lot and wear suits. Just looking at the U.S. president alone, he goes on lots of vacations, plays golf, and entertains himself in various ways. We don’t know if he has any skills or not, but if he does, they are kept very secret.

Shennong, the ancient king of China, taught the Chinese people to farm well. We’d love to learn a real honest to goodness skill from our president. We think that would be very cool.

Well – we are getting ready to go on a camping trip now. Wish us luck with our fishing. We want to eat fish for supper tonight! Be back in a couple of days.

Dink & John

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