Motion Sensor Light Review

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Reviews, Videos
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Our motion sensor light right outside our garage has been broken for a long time. The motion sensor was broken, and it was annoying because it was supposed to light our path at night. Since the motion sensor didn’t work, it was pointless, and we wanted to replace it.

The new light our dad got looks pretty fancy, and a couple days ago my brother and he installed it. The installation was pretty easy, essentially involving removing the old one, attaching the wires for the new one, and bolting it into place. It is installed now, and it works pretty darn well.

The range of the motion sensor is adjusted by a dial that reads from  min to max. The directions do not say what the min and max distances are, we just set ours to max. We want it to go on as soon as possible when someone is moving around. In addition to the motion sensor range, there are several more settings. One controls the time that the light stays on each time the motion sensor turns it on. You can choose from 1, 5, or 20 minutes. We set ours to 5. There is also a lamp mode switch that controls how the light comes on. It has three settings; normal, meaning that the light shines at the full brightness; soft, which turns the light on half power; this is supposed to be a power saving feature, and flash, which, as it says, makes the light flash. We don’t think any of these make much sense except the normal mode, which is how we set ours. There is also a switch called a DualBrite timer. With this switch, you can cause the light to be constantly on at half brightness after dusk. Using this feature will keep the light on all night at a low setting. When motion is detected the light comes on full brightness. We turned this switch off, which causes the light to turn off except when the motion sensor turns it on. A sensor on the light detects daylight and turns the light off during the daytime. This allows us to keep the light switched on at all times without worrying about wasting electricity;  the light will only turn on at night.

I’ve included a very short video of somebody walking by the light making it turn on. For some reason, this holds a real fascination for me, but it’s probably not like that for everyone. I’d actually like to get several of these motion sensor lights to put all over our yard.

If you’re interested in what brand we purchased, we got one by Heath Zenith,and the particular product is SL-5718-RS-C 27o Degree Motion Sensing Security Light. It’s a good motion light (as far as motion lights go), and on a scale from one to ten, I would rate it a 10.

by John

By the way, I have been doing most of the writing of late because Dink has been taking a college course this summer and has also been working at his job a lot. Poor lad is too tired to write blog entries. Hopefully he will be revved up shortly now that his course is over to write some more of his profound thoughts 🙂

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