AquaSource Shower Head

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Reviews
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Our parents have had the same shower head in their shower for a really long time, and it was kind of messed up. We won’t go into details, but they have wanted a new one for a while now but could never remember to get one once their day got going. Two days ago, our dad remembered and got one, and it wasn’t too much of a chore to put on. It is a pretty fancy shower head, though, so we thought we’d write about it.

How can a shower head be fancy? Well, this particular one is fancy because, aside from looking pretty awesome, it has 6 different settings. That is, you can rotate the head to change the way the water comes out. You can make it come out in what they call, “spray”, “aeration”, “massage”, “spray and massage”, “spray and aeration”, and “pause”. The settings actually do feel (and look) different, so I filmed all of them! The 1st setting was so powerful, I don’t know who would like to use it…

The shower head is by AquaSource but I can’t find the exact product on Amazon so there’s no link this time. If you need a new shower head, AquaSource would be a fine company to buy it from; our dad got it at Lowe’s. And also, we realize that most people may have shower heads like this and that it is nothing new to them, but to us, it is awesome!

  1. Ken Rhodes says:

    I think you didn’t find it on Amazon because that particular brand name is a Lowes brand. If you google the name it will find the corporate website for you, in amongst a dozen or more Lowes links.

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