“Upfront” And “Limeade” – What’s the Relation?

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today we saw an interesting word game when we were at someone else’s house. They had a calendar out which had word games on it and while we were waiting around, we were trying to figure today’s puzzle out.

It was not exactly a word search, crossword puzzle, or any of your regular word games. This game gave you an initial word, such as “rock” and had you change one letter in the word while also allowing you to scramble the letters in order to make a new word. If they gave you “rock”,  you could switch the “r” to an “s” to make the word “sock.” Or you could switch the “k” to an “e” to make the word “core”. You then have to repeat substituting and scrambling for a certain number of times until you can come up with their ending word.

The puzzle we saw today had the starting word “Upfront”. The 8th permutation was “Limeade”. It looked like this:









This puzzle was too difficult for us to figure out quickly, and in fact, we couldn’t even figure out what the first word was.

If you’re used to doing these sorts of puzzles and you can figure out the first couple of words or even the whole puzzle, feel free to comment and tell us what the answers are! If we can figure out the answers in three days or so, we’ll post them then 🙂

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