What Do You Consider Unpardonable Sins?

Posted: July 30, 2014 in Articles

Living amongst other people as most of us must, we interact with each other on a daily basis even if it is just talking to the clerk at the grocery store check-out. There’s superficial chit-chat at parties, get-togethers, church, receptions, school, work, etc.

It is interesting for us to note the things one says which offend others. We have also noted that offenses usually happen between adults, not children. Apparently, according to our parents, it used to be common knowledge to steer clear of certain topics: politics, religion, and sex. As long as people never spoke about these topics, you could get along with just about everyone.

We have a couple of examples, though, of things which have offended adults in the past, and this without any politics, religion, or sex either.

“….every fooping summer…..” this is a silly word which we use in our family. It was invented by Niles and we hardly realize that it could be taken as a replacement for another word. It has just become habit for us to say it. Unfortunately, when my mother was speaking to a professing Christian woman, she let our family phrase slip out and a look of real horror appeared on the woman’s face. Too late, though, our mother could not take it back. Is saying “fooping” really that bad? We guess that to this woman, it definitely was.

Cutting down a few trees in our own yard – we once had some very rude neighbors. They would say things like this to us, “We don’t consider it our yard and your yard; we consider it one big yard.” Uh-huh. Affirmative. Well, our parents were thinning out some trees on our property because they were getting overcrowded and sick as they were planted too close together by the previous owner.  Our parents cut down every other tree. Big mistake. That was unacceptable to our neighbors as our yard was also their yard. It was always interesting to all of us that their yard was not our yard as well.

We sometimes tell the dentists that we don’t want x-rays and that we can get them next time – you’d think it was a criminal offense. We understand that dentists get sued and that this is what they are scared of. They certainly couldn’t care less if you get a cavity between your teeth – at least we’re pretty sure our dentist couldn’t care less. Besides, even if he did care, he wouldn’t get angry about the x-rays; he’d just talk to us. But come on, you sign a waver form and we get x-rays on every other visit. Not good enough. It is horrendous every time we suggest that we do not want them to take x-rays.

So it does seem like it is rather easy to offend people, adult people, and they usually let you know that you have caused them great discomfort. What ever happened to live-and-let-live and mind-your-own-business?

So what unpardonable sins have you caught people committing?

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