This year we started our garden very late and when we got around to it, we were scrounging around for some seeds which we forgot to purchase.We also had some extra space in our garden and so were looking around for vegetables to grow which we don’t normally trouble ourselves with.

Our parents have a small business and one of the things they used to sell was Preparedness Seeds distributed by Guardian Survival Gear. These seeds were packed in February 2011 and were packaged for long term storage, but we always wondered if someone would be in trouble if they counted on these seeds germinating or not. Well, this year we found out. We planted their spinach, winter squash, zucchini, swiss chard, beets, pepper, and bush bean seeds and they all came up very,very nicely. If things go well for us, we should have a great harvest and also should be able to save enough seed for next year’s garden. We have already been eating the zucchini which is excellent – it is “Black Beauty”, one of the most common zucchini seeds on the market.

DSCF2036Anyway, we just thought we’d let people know that at least with this company, the preparedness seeds packaged for long-term storage germinated and the plants are doing great. And although we won’t be purchasing these for our use, it is good to know that people who did purchase them will not be let down when they need them.

by John

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