It Was Just a Rat Snake

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Articles, Videos

Today we found a snake in our yard. We thought it looked poisonous and were wondering if it was a baby rattlesnake, even though the chances of it being one were practically zero. Then we wondered if it was a water moccasin, but water moccasins have white mouths. This one opened its mouth and the inside was quite pink. We still thought the snake might have been poisonous because of the pattern on its back and the shape of its head. Needless to say, we are not very knowledgeable about snakes.

Anyway, after taking plenty of pictures and filming it, we cut its head off and went inside to find out what it was. After some research, we found out that it actually wasn’t a poisonous snake; it was an immature Black Rat Snake. When rat snakes grow up, they become fully black, but I suppose when they’re younger they have a pattern on them. Rat snakes are very common in our area and when it rains a lot, they come to people’s houses for some reason. One of our neighbors always gets rat snakes in his attic when it rains. Another neighbor runs over them with her tractor when they show up in her yard. We’ve had rat snakes in our yard before – getting into our bird houses – but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen them.

In any case, it’s good that it wasn’t a rattlesnake or anything, because that would mean there would be older ones living around here as well! Hope you enjoy the pictures šŸ™‚


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