So This is What College is Like

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Articles
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Well, I’m finally an official college student since I am currently taking a computer science course this summer. It is an online course, and since it’s online, the teacher gives us a lot of written instructions. What I’ve noticed about the instructions is that they contain a lot of grammatical errors. When I am already new to online classes as well as computer science, it can get annoying when I sometimes have to figure out what the professor is even trying to say. I’ve collected 10 sentences from this past week to show you all what I mean.

  • What are listed there for you to prepare yourself after registering an online class?
  • You should prepare for a ‘no-time-to-breath’ schedule and a ‘work-study-only’ life style for the next several weeks :-).
  • Do you understand that you need patient and time?
  • List three major factor affect computer quality and price.
  • Do you have any problem or question?
  • Use Email or Discussion Board to ask question if you have any.
  • I hope you have fun so far instead of too tired to try all exercises.
  • In addition to examples from my classnotes and the textbook that you can try typeing, compiling and running the codes, I also post Lab Manuals and related lab files in Handouts for you to practice more.
  • Do you find course materials interesting and helpful or confusing and compliate?
  • I hope you find it fun not frustrated!

Oh well. She is nice enough, but good English (American for anyone who really speaks English) would make the course better for me.

by Dink

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