Because We Have Never Had Thunderstorms Before

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Articles
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We were at our grocery store yesterday when a good thunderstorm started up. It was the second one of the week. We decided to wait at some sheltered tables until the downpour subsided, and while we were waiting a young mother on her way out passed by us. She had her daughter with her, and the mother was speaking words of wisdom to her daughter. She said:

“We’ve got to do something; this is bad. All this weird weather we have been having lately. We are hurting our planet.”

Not too much more to say. Perhaps if she is so concerned, she should stop talking about “We” and do her part before she starts thinking about what other people should do. Come to think of it for certain people it’s always “We”, for the speaker never wants to do anything himself.

Anyway, after telling this to her daughter, the wise mother drove out of the parking lot – in a large four wheel drive truck.

by John

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