Chicken Run

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Videos, Yard and Garden
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Every day at 4:30 PM we let the chickens out to roam our yard, and by that time they’re really hungry because we don’t feed them all that much. As soon as we open their door, they come flocking out of their run and eat a little bit of grass. Soon, though, they all start to trot over towards the blueberry bushes. Then, as they get closer to the bushes, they start sprinting to reach the berries as fast as possible – and yes, it is possible for chickens to sprint.

Anyway, it looks really funny to see seven chickens running in almost a line to the blueberry bushes, so today when we let them out we filmed them and we did not speed the film up. Who knew chickens could run so fast! We also filmed them right before we let them out, because they wail so sadly. Hope you enjoy the video!

  1. Libby says:

    What fun! This reminds me of when we kept chickens – until the kids, whose job it was, forgot to shut them up one night and we lost the lot to a fox.

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