We’ve had our chickens for about four weeks, and at this point we get approximately 5 or 6 eggs a day. A few days ago, we were collecting eggs and found that two of them were very mushy – as in you could push in on the shells and they would give easily. They wouldn’t break, they just were soft and pliable. We threw those eggs out. Our dad then remembered that he had heard from some friends that this happens to chickens who lack calcium. If you don’t do anything about it, the chickens’ bodies will naturally pull calcium from their bones which will, of course, make their bones weak. That would make their bones break easily, so because we definitely don’t want mushy eggs or fragile chickens, our dad went to get some oyster shells for the chickens.

If you have chickens and you didn’t already know that their eggs could become mushy if they lack calcium, now you do. Maybe if you happen to work at a seafood restaurant that sells oysters (and you have chickens), you can take some of the oyster shells off the restaurant’s hands!

by John

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