Pedestrian (Deer) Rights

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today we went on a bike ride on one of our favorite trails, the C&O Canal. This trail is really fun and since the area around it is heavily wooded, it usually appears dark much sooner that it actually is. We usually can get back home just as night is falling, but this time we got a late start and were just starting to drive as it began to get dark. As a result, a lot of deer were crossing the road; we saw about four striding across the road.

Oh yes. You read it right – striding. What I mean is that usually deer run from an oncoming car, but even when the car was getting really close to these deer, they just continued their leisurely stroll across the road. It reminds us of when we’re in the city and a light turns green. We’re about to go, when we see that a person (who is usually on a phone or iPod) is crossing the street, unaware that a car was about to run them over. Pedestrian rights. Perhaps deer in that area have learned them too!

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