Every year, when our corn is just starting to come up, crows get in our garden, have a feast, and then we get to replant sections of our rows. Therefore, we usually have to fashion up some sort of scarecrow and put it in the garden from the moment the corn pokes its head out of the ground until it grows to about three inches. About two days ago, we saw crows in our garden and decided to put up a scarecrow. Our corn isn’t up yet, and we usually like to wait until it’s actually up to put up our scarecrow, but this year, since crows were already getting in the garden, we just put it up.

I have to say, it’s not much of a scarecrow. We stuck a rake in the ground and put our sister’s old pink and white shirt on the metal part of it. Our grand scarecrow was complete.

Actually, it’s not that bad; from a certain window in our house, the deck railing cuts off part of the rake, so every time I look outside from that window, I think somebody is out in the garden (for about half a second before  I realize it’s the scarecrow).

If it tricks me, I suppose it will trick crows! Anyway, we built this scarecrow using only a rake and a shirt, and so far it’s working fine. You don’t really have to make an elaborate thing that actually looks like a person. It seems as if crows can be scared away by even a shirt on a rake! The trick is to have your scarecrow  up for a short duration. What scares them is the newness of the “person” in the garden. After a long time, I suspect the crows wouldn’t be scared by it any longer.

by John

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