Chicken Feet & More

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Videos, Yard and Garden
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In an article we wrote a few days ago, we described some funny things our chickens do. We, however, didn’t say that they jump straight up to eat the blueberries. We have also noticed how they curl their feet up when they walk. When they pull one foot up, they curl it up before putting it back down and lifting the other foot. Therefore, it’s pretty fun to watch them walking, and we also like watching them try to get birdseed from our bird feeders.

When we let the chickens out yesterday, we followed them until they reached the blueberries, at which point we started filming them jumping. When they got to the bird feeders, we filmed their sad attempts to get the food. Lastly, we got videos of their feet as they walked. Hope you enjoy the video!

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