These Jeans Aren’t Made By Levi Anymore

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Articles
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I read a biography of Levi Strauss,  a Jewish peddler who was born in Germany in 1829. In 1847, Levi came to America and sold his wares here. Eventually he had a successful business by making denim jeans among other things, and people throughout America heard of his sturdy jeans. Farmers wore them, people searching for gold wore them, cowboys wore them; anyone who needed a good durable pair of work pants wore them. They all liked them because they were very good quality pants that didn’t fall apart or wear down easily. These durable pants suited the needs of the people who wore them. Like I said before, they never fell apart – no buttons ever broke, they didn’t rip, and nothing ever happened to the rivets or zippers. In other words, they were extremely good quality.

Unfortunately, it seems that nowadays, that’s not the case.

Dink recently bought a pair of Levi’s jeans for work, and he had worn and washed them regularly for a couple months, when the button popped off. When our parents heard that, they were a little shocked since this would never happen with the Levi’s they had bought while growing up. Jeans that were made in America used to last a very long time, but now, perhaps since Levi’s jeans are now made in China, the quality of the item has gone down.

Since the quality of Levi’s jeans seems to be going down, we get different jeans if we want a good pair that we can work in for a long time. We sometimes get our jeans from a company called Diamond Gusset. These jeans are really good quality and on top of that, they’re made in the U.S.A. 🙂

It’s too bad about Levi Strauss’ great jeans. He was a very hard worker, and he was also generous. While he was still young, his father died and his mother and siblings had to survive. He became a peddler and every day, he walked out and sold his wares. After he moved to America, he was still a peddler and carried a fifty pound pack around New York City – until he became a country peddler, at which point he had to carry a total of one hundred eighty pounds of merchandise. Even when his brothers opened a store, he chose to continue to be a peddler – the reason being that he wanted to get to San Fransisco to peddle his goods.

After Levi became a very rich company owner, he was very generous. He said, “I do not think large fortunes cause happiness to their owners, for immediately those who possess them become slaves to their wealth.” He gave huge donations to various orphanages and provided scholarships for college children. When he was old, Levi continued to work hard, saying, “I have been in the harness for forty-three years, and I could not live without my daily duties. I am a bachelor, and I fancy on that account that I need to work more, for my entire life is in my business. I don’t believe that a man who once forms the habit of being busy can retire and be contented.”

It’s a good thing Mr. Strauss isn’t alive today to see his name on a pair of jeans that he probably wouldn’t be happy with.

by John

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