Global Warming May Just Be a Natural Occurrence

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Articles
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11,000 BC is a very rough estimate of when recorded history began, but it’s really nothing more than a reference point. At around this time, geologists say that ice came down from the polar caps as far down as the Mediterranean Sea, and since so much water was contained in that ice, water in oceans and seas was very low. Water sources that are around the Persian Gulf today were probably plains with streams running through them, and rain fell regularly there. It was much better watered than today. This made animals more plentiful, and lots of people hunted animals for food instead of tending a farm.

But then, the climate began to change and the ice began to melt. As it melted, the waters rose and although many riverways were formed, the land became very dry. Geologists say this warming process took around 5,000 years, or from 11,000 BC to 6000 BC. As the warming process continued, animals moved to more fertile areas, and hunters were forced to follow them. But when animals continued to move north, hunters grew tired of constantly chasing the animals and instead became farmers; they adapted to the climate change.

Or, should I say, they adapted to the global warming? That’s what it was, and it occurred naturally. So people now are blaming cars, cow flatulence, air conditioners, and the like for “climate change” (really, the term global warming is a little outdated now), when in reality, climate change is quite a natural phenomenon as we can see from history.

It’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading history. It lets you see what has happened before so you don’t think what is happening presently is brand new. It doesn’t mean anything really, except that climate change has happened at least once in the past and it happened when none of the things which are blamed today for climate change even existed. Interesting….

by John

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